Notices and Events taking place around the village in the next two months.
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Thu 23 May : European Parliament Elections
Fri 24 May : Twinning Visit to Corné
Sat 25 May : Twinning Visit to Corné
Sun 26 May : Twinning Visit to Corné
Mon 27 May : Twinning Visit to Corné
Tue 28 May : Twinning Visit to Corné
Sat 01 Jun : Folk Club

Sat 01 Jun : 19:30
Folk Club: Grayshott Village Hall (JARROD DICKENSON + Support)

Storytelling is something of a Texas tradition. Tall hats and even taller tales are woven into the fabric of The Lone Star State, and singer-songwriter, Jarrod Dickenson can spin a yarn with the best of them.

Sun 02 Jun : Monthly Walk
Wed 05 Jun : Horticultural Society
Thu 06 Jun : Arts Society

Thu 06 Jun : 14:00
Arts Society: Grayshott Village Hall (The Age of Jazz : Sandy Burnett)

One hundred years ago a group of American musicians docked in London, bringing with them for the very first time one of the twentieth centuryís most important musical genres: jazz, a fascinating blend of rigorous structure, free-wheeling creativity, close-knit ensemble work and improvisation.

Thu 06 Jun : Headley Society
Sat 08 Jun : Through the Garden Gate
Sun 09 Jun : Through the Garden Gate
Sun 09 Jun : Celebrating Erie Camp

Sun 09 Jun : 14:30
Celebrating Erie Camp: (Woodlands Hall and The Headley Down Nature Reserve)

Celebration of the Canadian heritage as part of the 'From War to Wildlife' project

Fri 21 Jun : Annual Cream Tea
Thu 27 Jun : Arford WI
Sat 29 Jun : Aladdin
Thu 04 Jul : Headley Society
Sat 06 Jul : Summer Show
Sun 07 Jul : Monthly Walk
Fri 12 Jul : 'Allo 'Allo
Sat 13 Jul : 'Allo 'Allo
Sun 14 Jul : Mile of Pennies Project

Sun 14 Jul : 11:00
Mile of Pennies Project:

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