Notices and Events taking place around the village in the next two months.
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Sat 19 Jan : Toad of Toad Hall
Mon 21 Jan : Woolmer Forest U3A

Mon 21 Jan : 14:30
Woolmer Forest U3A: Whitehill Village Hall (Dr Livingstone, I presume? : Fran Sandham)

The speaker is the Lecturer and freelance writer plus traveller, Fran Sandham, who has completed a the solo walk across Africa. After the talk the refreshments will be served. Members £2 and Visitors £3.

Thu 24 Jan : Arford WI
Sat 26 Jan : Burns Night
Sun 27 Jan : Arford Common Works Party
Sun 03 Feb : Monthly Walk
Thu 07 Feb : Arts Society

Thu 07 Feb : 14:00
Arts Society: Grayshott Village Hall (Leonardo, The Painter : Paula Nuttall)

Leonardo da Vinci is the author of iconic paintings such as the Virgin of the Rocks, the Last Supper and the Mona Lisa. This lecture surveys his career, from the early years in Florence (works include the Annunciation and Adoration of the Magi in the Uffizi), his time at the Court of Milan (including the Last Supper, Virgin of the Rocks and Lady with the Ermine), and his eventual return to Florence (the Mona Lisa, and Virgin and Child with St. Anne). This lecture will give a thorough overview of his entire career, it places his work in its historical and artistic context, exploring his aims and innovations in technique, design and the depiction of nature.

Thu 07 Feb : Headley Society
Thu 21 Feb : Horticultural Society
Thu 28 Feb : Arford WI
Sun 03 Mar : Monthly Walk
Thu 07 Mar : Arts Society

Thu 07 Mar : 14:00
Arts Society: Grayshott Village Hall (Radiant Art - The Splendour and Sorrow of Medieval Stained Glass : Roger Rosewell)

Stained glass was one of the most important arts of the Middle Ages, combining monumental painting with architecture, sculpture and other arts to create church interiors shimmering with sumptuous colours and miraculous stories.

Thu 07 Mar : Headley Society
Mon 18 Mar : First Aid Course
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